The Wellness Loop

$1,000.00 / Months

Our top offering supports clients to accelerate the process of receiving their light bodies in the physical. Your spiritual committee knows exactly what you have eaten, how much activity you have had that day, and how well you slept.  Who better to design your day-to-day protocol?  You can expect to hear from us daily.  We’ll do your reading and let you know what to do.  We’ve seen everything from take a Vitamin B pill today to make sure you eat protein this morning.  We’ve also seen instructional information like you’ve been two days without much sunlight, make sure you get 15 minutes today.  It changes everyday, your spiritual team is tapped into you and is more qualified than any other source to speak on your behalf.

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Recommended for clients who are further along on their spiritual awakening journey.  Not recommended for first-time clients.

Minerals and Healing Angels Nightly Functions – a certified SQCI practitioner will facilitate the reading, receive your protocol, and text it to you.  

An example:  take one biotin supplement, you have been spiritually cleared to sleep two additional hours tonight – take it, your spiritual team is doing some healing work.  You will feel their energy in your right knee, this represents constructiveness, the inner masculine, and love of women.